It’s common knowledge that Spanish is the 2nd official language in the US and one of the most spoken languages in the world, yet still not enough people understand it. Let’s face it, learning a new language is not that easy and in most cases not that fun! Don’t you want to be able to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals when you meet them?

This is where the coolest Spanish teacher you’ll ever meet comes in – Megee. Her name speaks for itself, it’s actually an acronym for ‘Me Gusta Ensenar Espanol’ which means 'I love teaching Spanish'. How can you say ‘No’ to that?

Megee is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish on the go. No books or computers, just activate the Jogoball app from your phone and that’s it! You can forget about your phone and play with your Jogoball and Megee character with 12 different games that are all about teaching you Spanish. And Megee is for everyone, kids and adults alike!

There are 3 different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult. There is even a quick test that can suggest to you what level you should go with! Besides the new section of language where you can learn words and sentences, we took some of the favorite games from Jogoball: Hugibo and combined Spanish into them. Favorite games like ‘True or False’, ‘Top that’, ‘Dare or Dare, ‘Ice breaker’ and more were all combined into Megee. So come on, have a ball learning to speak Spanish with Megee!

Vamos a empezar, let’s start!