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A screen-free game console

unlike anything else.

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1 shell. 1,000's of possibilities.

Jogoball features fifteen different games right out of the box. You can purchase other unique character skins for more unique games and new content is always being added!

Select games & see scores on the app.

Simply activate the game you want to play and go SCREEN-FREE. Follow your scoreboard and track your progress. Oh, and the best part? All future updates are 100% FREE. Oh yeah.

Award winning

Jogoball is a proud winner of the coveted 2021 National Parenting Product Awards! Official testers called it:
°“Great for families to do together or a group of friends”
°“Fun for all different ages”
°“Great to take with you on a trip or family game night fun”

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See Jogoball in action

Get to know the next big thing in screen-free gaming

An interactive game console with some pretty incredible technology packed inside.

Flip It. spin it. twist it. go ahead, have a ball!

Six-axis motion detection technology identifies different actions

there's some some big sound in this little package.

High quality Bluetooth speaker plays music

brilliantly designed for pure, worry-free play time.

Jogoball’s robust design is incredibly durable, so you can focus on the fun

A winner of the coveted 2021 National Parenting Product Awards! Jogoball is an audio gaming console, a robust Bluetooth speaker, and awesome for the entire family. Through motion recognition and smart audio, Jogoball is an audio gaming console with fully immersive gameplay. No screen needed, and no subscription fees ever!
  • High quality speaker
  • Robust hardware
  • Six axis motion detection
  • No screen involved!
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Incredibly durable
  • Thousands of hours worth of games
  • Ages 8 to 98
  • An amazing gift for anybody!

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