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Jogoball is an interactive game console

  • Motion detection system identifies different actions 

  • Thousands of hours of content and games for EVERYONE

  • Bluetooth speaker to play music

  • Work on your motor skills, memorization, focus and so much more

  • Robust design with protective sleeve


High Quality

Bluetooth Speaker


Six Axis
Motion Detection

No Screen


No Subscription Fees. 

Jogoball features eleven different games right out of the box. Free upgrades and new content is always being added!

Companion app on your phone makes it easy to choose content.
  • Activate your game and go SCREEN-FREE

  • Follow your scoreboard and progress

  • Free updates 


Jogoball holds an ongoing, growing content library.

This is gaming for everybody! It utilizes a smart path system containing thousands of audio files and responses based on your decisions, updated regularly. 
You'll even rank up based on your progress within the games.




Thousands of different riddles and questions in every possible category and level of difficulty. It's never the same experience twice!

Mind: Thousands of different riddles and questions in every category and level of difficulty. 

True or False

Decide whether an interesting fact is True or False. 

Guess Who?

We give you some facts about a certain person and you’ll have to figure out who they are!

Quiz Wiz

Trivia questions have never been so much fun!


Learn Morse code and put words together with dots and dashas. If this doesn't make you a special agent, nothing will!

Active: Active games for the perfect workout or to make you think while moving your body. 

Shake It!

Get active with the music. Who knew simply shaking a ball could get your pulse so high?

Jogoball Challenge

When you combine these dance and exercise moves with the music, you can bet you're gonna sweat!


Crack the vault codes using motions and sound. Do not attempt on real banks, you rascal! 

Escape Academy 

This ‘Escape Room’ experience with cracking codes is guaranteed more fun than being trapped for real!

Music: Create your own music using a wide variety of movements and gestures.

Mix It

Add and remove sounds and tracks. Becoming a DJ has never been easier. 

Beat Beat

Help create a song alongside motion & sound.


Choose an instrument and create some music. You can also play with friends to create your own Jam session.

Social: Fun games for friends and family. No matter if you're 8 or 108, all ages can have a blast!

Dare or Dare

Play with friends & family. Classic games with fun & silly challenges!

Ice Breaker

Discover new things or old things that you simply forgot about. You may even learn about your fellow teammates!

Top That

A fun social game that's all about focus and attention. Stay on target!


This game is all about focus and speed. Great ready for some great laughs!

"Tested really positively for a 
surprisingly wide age range."

The best game time with friends & family is in the palm of your hand!